What values do you want to pass on, and to whom?

We know that including your family, faith community, school, or university in your estate plan can be significant. Adding the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center, after you have considered them, is one way an even broader community can benefit from you.

Allocating a percentage of your estate to the Center, even if only a small percentage could ensure the Center is here for decades to come. Think of this; yours and or other children you know today would have the benefits of the Center when they are older? Imagine them stepping into the Center as a senior themselves to take part in the lunches, attend a class, meet with friends over a card game or TED talk, and there is YOUR name listed on the donor wall acknowledging your Legacy gift. What pride they will have in you and the fact that you were a part of strengthening the Center when it needed help to continue.

How would you like to be remembered?

Memories fade, time passes, people forget. However, you have an opportunity for your name to live on when you make a Legacy Gift to the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center. A Legacy Gift means you have included the Center into your will or trust.  You may name the Center as a beneficiary of an IRA, Insurance Policy, or donated gifts of Stock or Real Estate.   These would help build the Center’s Endowment Program.

With a healthy Endowment program, the Center can live on, in your name, and provide the kind of support that seniors now enjoy. With a secure Endowment program, the operational costs would be covered now and into the future from the interest of your gifts combined with others.

Isn’t it complicated to create a Legacy Gift?

Not at all. The time you take now to consider and plan will be empowering to you. Knowing you are doing something meaningful and lasting, not just for you, but for thousands of others to follow is powerful.


There are simple ways to make a legacy gift happen without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime.

Gifts by Will or Living Trust


Include language in your will or trust to let your wishes be known. Ask for sample language at the front desk or check with your financial professional.

Gifts of Retirement Plans

Name the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center as a beneficiary. As a qualified nonprofit, we would not have to pay income tax on the distribution.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock

Once you make a gift of appreciated securities or stock to the Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center, the IRS will allow you one of its most significant tax breaks.

Gifts of Life Insurance

You can create a significant endowment for the Cloverdale Senior Center without dipping into your capital. It’s pretty straightforward to add the Center as a beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy. You can even take out a policy in the Center’s name!

Gifts of Real Estate

Make a substantial gift to Cloverdale Senior Multipurpose Center through the transfer of a residential, commercial, or undeveloped property.

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